About Us

Our Vision

To be a major player in business skills and customer service training.

Our Mission Statement

To provide global learning in business skills and customer service, increasing competency and productivity


formerly the Training Center for Global Customer Service Representative Inc. is in the business of training. It provides a learning path increasing competency and productivity.

The curriculum developers are fully equipped to cater to training needs, analyzing the nature of business in developing a program that will support an organization’s vision. They target “business culture building,” for a successful transformation of a team into a highly effective organization.

The training is comprehensive and focuses on its application. The trainees are empowered with business skills, technical know-hows and their application. The trainers are experienced and their expertise are integrated in the training workshops. The MILESTONE SKILLS MANAGEMENT TRAINING imparts the KNOWLEDGE and SPECIALIZATION for an effective skills application.

MILESTONE SKILLS MANAGEMENT TRAINING administers a program geared for adult learners developing an in-depth understanding and management of business skills.