Reviews or Feedbacks

I would like to thank Ms. Myra for the very good training conducted in our office. This is a great help to us in answering the telephone calls in right manner.
 George T.
 June 15, 2019
 This training gives me some idea when I am in a moody situation. I learned how to be a good listener. Thank you and I will practice what I’ve learned.
 Marivic T.
 June 15, 2019
 It was extremely informative. Excellent course and training.
 Irene S.
 Apr. 2, 2019
 Another new knowledge about the customer service. We apply it. God bless! Thank you!
 Chiermy A.
 Apr. 2, 2019
 It helps me understand what personal development and customer service are and why they are very important. The trainer is well-spoken and very friendly. Thank you maam!
 Mitchel D.
 Apr. 2, 2019
 Joneraldo A.
 Jan. 5, 2019
 Thanks for the amazing experience!
 Blenda O.
 Oct. 9, 2017
 Thank you for the effort to teach us.
 Mildred C.
 May 20, 2016
 I found the lecture interesting and relevant so I was able to focus and learn. I like maam Myra’s energy while speaking; It made listening to the lecture not boring.
 Czarina C.
 July 6, 2015
 The facilitator is knowledgeable on the subject matter. Able to catch the interest of the attendees.
 Irene E.
 June 22, 2015
 We really enjoy! God bless!
 Jay ar M.
 Apr. 6, 2014